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Varshaver, E., Rocheva, A., Ivanova, N. (2023). Bazaar-Related Migrant Residential Concentration Areas in Post-Socialist Russian Cities. International Migration Review, OnlineFirst.

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Golovina, К., Pechurina, A., Rocheva, A., Varshaver, E. (2023). House, home, and homemaking in post-Soviet migratory contexts: insights from research in Russia and Japan (Chapter 50). Handbook on Home and Migration, (ed.) P. Boccagni, 621–634.

Бубликов, В.В., Варшавер, Е.А., Степанов, В.В. (2023). Деконструкция переписей населения: комментарии и рассуждения. Этнографическое обозрение, (4), 212–242.